Wednesday, February 16, 2011

1975 Original John Romita Sr. CAPTAIN AMERICA Art! Aurora "Comic Scenes!" Marvel Comics!

Found at last! Here is the cover for the famed 1975 CAPTAIN AMERICA comic booklet that came packaged with the Aurora model kit re-issue! Drawn by powerhouse artist John Romita Sr., this image is possibly one of the most iconic and powerful of all comic art from the 70s! Note the stated replacement head on the original art, possibly to change the face from a "shouting" Cap (as seen on the kit itself), to a more heroic, stoic expression. Of course, this same art was used on the colorful box that housed the model kit! Also! A lost JRSR page from the comic booklet! Click here to see so much more art from the kit and comic! Click on images to enlarge!

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