Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Rare 1979 INCREDIBLE HULK MPC Model Kit! Dave Cockrum Designs! Marvel Comics!

Talk about rare! Here is the box art and completed built kit of THE INCREDIBLE HULK, as seen in this 1979 MPC release! Sure, ol' Jade Jaws had been immortalized in plastic before, most notably by the Aurora model kits gang, but this late entry came complete with a terrific Dave Cockrum (X-MEN) figure design, and colorful eye-catching packaging (with art by what looks like Larry Lieber and Frank Giacoia?)! This big (10 inches tall) kit came with interchangeable hands for posing the Hulk in many ways, as well as an intricate stand! Of course, such late-70s HULK merch was made to tie-in with the then red-hot Bill Bixby/Lou Ferrigno CBS TV show, but it's interesting to note that MPC went with a more comic-centric version of the green goliath! Click images to enlarge!

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