Saturday, January 22, 2011

Mystery Neal Adams BATMAN Cover! Can YOU Help Identify It? DC Comics!

Help! I can not place exactly what this fabulous full-color Neal Adams-drawn BATMAN cover was created for! A special reprint comic? A never-to-be-published giant tabloid? A Power Records book-and-record set? A poster? A toy or puzzle? A fan commission? It looks to be 70s vintage, but that's about all that can be gleaned from a careful scanning of this beautiful illo! You be the judge, and fill me in on the gory details, Real Frantic One! Click image to enlarge!



Al --

I'd say this was done as a commission for a fan due to Batman's dialogue balloon. The "Good Lord! >Choke<" bit appeared at the end of countless E.C. horror tales.

Al Bigley said...

Yeah, that I knew, but it still FEELS like it was meant to see the larger light of day!

Al Bigley