Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Ensign Chekov vs Davy Jones?! STAR TREK vs THE MONKEES?!

You heard right! As long-time TREK fans know, the addition of "Ensign Chekov" to the cast of the stellar Sixties show was a direct response to the popularity of THE MONKEES' own Davy Jones! Actor Walter Koenig was even forced to don a Jones-like mop-top wig, in an effort to look like the singing heart-throb, trading an English accent for a Wussian-er-Russian one! Here is a great 90s TV GUIDE piece that spotlights this strange-but-true Hollywood tale! Click to enlarge!

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Unknown said...

Being born in 1982, I did not become a Monkee Junkee until 1997 when Nick at Nite showed them on their Block Party Summer (I caught one or two episodes on Nickelodeon in 1987, however, but I couldn't give you a story on that if I tried, I was only five at the time). Anyway, my dad is a "Star Trek" fan, and he'd watch the reruns on the Sci-Fi Channel. There's a whole method to my madness here, and I'm getting to it. Sometimes, I would watch "Star Trek" with him (I'm not a big fan, and the show never really grew on me). When I first saw Chekov in a commercial bumper, I actually thought it WAS Davy Jones!