Wednesday, January 26, 2011

CAPTAIN AMERICA 101! Jack Kirby Original 1968 Comic Art! Red Skull! Marvel Comics!

Wow! Thanks to the great Ferran Delgado's blog, here is the original cover art by Jack "King" Kirby (with inks by Syd Shores), for the classic CAPTAIN AMERICA #101! Cap JUST got his own mag (his 2nd comic book run, actually), and was blessed to have half of his original creative team back on his book, in the form of Kirby's power-punched pencilling! Here, Cap faces off with another Golden Age survivor, the evil Nazi, the Red Skull! Note the last-minute change to the head of the Red Skull, rendering him less frightening! Drama, power, suspense, and danger bubble over in this powerful image! It's even been used recently on some great new t-shirts! Click to enlarge!

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