Saturday, January 1, 2011

1977 TV GUIDE Article on WONDER WOMAN! Lynda Carter Speaks! DC Comics!

A great find! Direct from a February 1977 issue of TV GUIDE, here is some great coverage of TV's then-hot WONDER WOMAN live-action CBS show! Keep in mind that WW was the biggest comics-to-television project since BATMAN a decade earlier, so heaps of attention was directed toward the show and it's stars! A great cover, by artist William Goldberg, fronts a fabulous pic and story on the series! I bought this ish off the stands in '77, and always loved the last line in the article, as it would take BATMAN another decade to make a real cinematic comeback! Click images to enlarge!

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The Groovy Agent said...

Suh-WEET! I wish I still had my copy. A casualty of "the move of '79"! Gee, I love Lynda Carter!