Tuesday, January 18, 2011

1966 Monkeemobile Article and Pics! Dean Jeffries at Work! The Monkees at Play!

A terrific Monkeemobile piece, from a 1966 HOT RODDER magazine! Creator Dean Jeffries is seen hard at work creating the wild and cool custom GTO for the MONKEES TV series, and this article has many specs for any gear-heads out there! Note the mention of a rear-hauled trailer for the car. Micky Dolenz has said that the car was to pull the trailer to gigs, then, upon the pull of a lever, become a performance stage the band could set up on! Glad that idea was dropped! A few Monkeemobiles exist today, used both for series filming, and rod show touring, so this is still a very sought-after collectible car! Click the images to enlarge!

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