Wednesday, December 1, 2010

"Unpublished" 1967 WORLD'S FINEST Cover! Curt Swan Original Comic Art! DC Comics!

Another great find! Here (below left) is Curt Swan's original cover art for WORLD'S FINEST COMICS #160, from 1967! On the right of the image is the final published cover, a gem in itself! Why the switch? Was it decided that Batman and Superman were in TOO much of a frighteningly dire predicament? Too much emphasis on the somewhat obscure foe? I'd love to hear YOUR opinion! Click to enlarge! Also, click here to see a celebrity endorsement for this particular issue!

BONUS: The "unused" cover art was used, as the splash 
page for this very issue! Click below to view!

Thanks to Bill Hickok and Michal Jacot for the above info and scan!


Felicity Walker said...

I like the unpublished version better; it shows more of Batman and Superman. And I love the way Curt Swan draws Batman.

James Robert Smith said...

You never know what was in the mind of the editor. I think the editor would argue that it made the villain look too powerful, which is true, but adds tremendously to the suspense for the kids who would want to buy it.

(Was this one of Mort Weisinger's books? If so, he had a reputation for being a heavy-handed editor.)

Deryl said...

Wasn't this used as the splash page? A pretty common occurrence at that time to switch out the two back then.
Looking back at Batman's TV success, the opportunity to have Robin's 'Holy'exclamation could be the deciding factor between which one ended up as the cover.