Monday, December 27, 2010

The Marvel No-Prize Returns! Daredevil Shoots His Mouth Off! Marvel Comics!

Back again, due to the demands of thousands (truthfully, only one demand from a guy in Trenton, NJ, named Ricky H. Thousands)! Savagely ripped from the pages of the 1982 MARVEL NO-PRIZE BOOK, here is Daredevil (and artist Gene Colan) in a less-than-stellar moment, as well as original X-Man, the Beast, who seems to have been raiding his peer's wardrobe! Hoo boy! Who SAYS the Marvel Age of Comics was pitch-perfect? Click to enlarge!

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Steven Thompson said...

The Daredevil panel wasn't actually a blooper at all, though, as DD was attempting to prove that he was, in fact, Matt Murdock with a gun PRETENDING to be the real Daredevil. The actual mistake in the sequence was when the hoods ripped off his mask and he was wearing his dark glasses underneath it all along! Suuuure!