Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Kenner's CHIP AWAY (at Dad's Patience)! 1973 Comic Book Ad! The FLINTSTONES!

Here we go again with yet another fabulous and fun ad from 1973! This time, it's for Kenner's once-popular CHIP AWAY toy set! This comic book blurb spotlights the FLINTSTONES set, but the writers still just HAD to chip away (heh), in an un-PC manner, at Fred's chubby physique and face, not to mention the terrible off-model depictions of Fred and company in this ad! An odd toy that was made to make the child feel artistic and creative, this thing simply left Mom and Dad with tons of hard-plastic chips on the floor to sweep up when all was done! Click images to enlarge!

What's this below? Why it's me, during Christmas 1972, with my own sports-themed CHIP AWAY set! Note my patient (and very tired) Dad supervising the very painstaking and laborious "sculpting" process, all the time wishing I was more exited about my new football uniform and helmet sitting neglected in the corner!

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