Monday, December 13, 2010

Hit Batman Right Where It Hurts! 1966 Superman and Batman "Bop Bag" Ad! DC Comics!

A great ad from the height of 1966's "Batmania" fad! Kids could clobber either Batman or his World's Finest pal Superman, in a never-ending attempt to ease that ever-present childhood rage and despair! If those two comics icons don't do it for ya, you can pummel Bozo, Yogi, Woody, or a host of other kiddie faves! I had both of these superhero bags (even rushing the Superman bag out of the house once during an oven fire), but made my own Joker "punching bag" from a giant cardboard hockey table lid! Yep, I beat the stuffing out of that lid in short order! Who wanted to beat up the good guys, right? Click to enlarge!


Pop Culture Debris said...

I always loved the Mr. Spock Bop Bag ... talk about the perfect gift for Dr. Leonard "Bones" McCoy!

joe said...

I'd totally forgotten about Bop Bags. I had a couple. My folks had to blow them up for me. I loved the vinyl smell.