Monday, December 6, 2010

Hey (Hey Hey), Kids! Let's Make Fun of the Obese with FAT ALBERT! 1973 Kenner Toy Ad!

That's right. It's 1973, and, in those prehistoric days before not only the VCR, but the internet, the DVR, and the iPhone, kids gathered around on a rainy day to blankly stare at projected still slides of their Saturday morning cartoon faves. Oh, the fun glaring at lighted images from the popular FAT ALBERT cartoon, while yelling very un-PC comments about his unfortunate girth! The hours spent in merry mirth, making jokes about how Albert could barely walk! Kids these days will never know the joy of--Oh, you get it. This ad is just wrong. Then, and now. I was in 3rd grade in 1973, and, with my first name and weight problem then--well, you do the math. Click to enlarge!

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Pop Culture Debris said...

This thing is just SCREAMING to be re-dialogued, isn't it?

Hey! Hey! Hey! I think my spine is broken ....