Thursday, November 25, 2010

Unpublished 1972 SUPERBOY Cover Art by Nick Cardy! DC Comics!

Another fantastic cover image by DC Comics mainstay artist, Nick Cardy! This (below left) is the unused cover art to SUPERBOY #187, from 1972, by Cardy, compared to the published version (below right)! Why the switch? Was the figure of Superboy deemed too dominant in the composition? Was it not clear as to what was occurring in the scene? Not enough room for captions, blurbs, and word balloons? YOU decide! Click image to enlarge!


cerebus660 said...

The image on the left seems more "Marvel" than "DC". Did someone at DC say "No, that's too dynamic - tone it down..." ?

M W Gallaher said...

I think it was redone to improve the clarity of the situation being depicted. On the rejected cover, it appears that Superboy is breaking *into* a prison, with those guards being so close to the wall around the gate. On the published cover, there is enough distance to make it clear that the guards are on the outside, and there was room for Cardy to draw the prison building within the gated concrete fence.
Sometimes it surprises me to see that the editors cared that much. I can't imagine that the less confusing cover would have improved sales any.