Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Rare UNEXPLAINED Newspaper Strip by Ross Andru! 1979 Comic Art!

Before the days of comics being made into big-budget blockbuster movies, many comic book creators wanted to work in the more prestigious world of comic STRIPS. Well into the 90s, many a creator worked on samples and concepts for strips that usually never got beyond those first stages. Below is one such concept (that actually seemed to have been picked up for syndication), by long-time comic creators Marv Wolfman, and artists Ross Andru and Mike Esposito (all of whom had long runs on Marvel's SPIDER-MAN comic, among other titles)! This excerpt from a 1979 STARLOG magazine brings us a rare example of a strip that deserved more popularity and exposure! Click to enlarge images, and click over here to read more about the Andru/Esposito team's attempts to gain comic strip stardom!!

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Mitchell said...

Curious how they spelled Ross' name in the article.