Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Rare INCREDIBLE HULK Newspaper Strips! Larry Lieber! Marvel Comics!

Sure, we all know of Marvel's  success with their long-running SPIDER-MAN comic strip (1977-present), but didja know they made a stab at giving old Jade-Jaws his own newspaper run at glory? Written by Stan Lee, and drawn by Stan's brother Larry Lieber (who now draws the current syndicated run of the Spidey strip), here are two examples of this little-known production, from the early 80s! The stories evoked the famous CBS-TV series of the day, as opposed to the more fantastic comic book version. The strip only ran for a couple of years, and faded away roughly the same time the TV series did..Today, you can find a few paperback reprints of a portion of the strips, but little else, so now would be a great time for a nice inclusive reprint volume! Click images to enlarge!

Above: The awesome ad announcing the arrival of the
Green Goliath to a Massachusetts paper! Art by dandy
Dave Cockrum! Does that powerful pose seem
familiar? Click here! Thanks to Jerry Hillegas
for this one!

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