Friday, October 29, 2010

An Alternate Cover for SUPER-TEAM FAMILY?! 1975 Dick Giordano Art! The Creeper Returns!

What a find! Here is the original art for what was to be the cover to SUPER-TEAM FAMILY #2! This 1975 creation, by comics legend Dick Giordano, features Bronze Age favorites the Creeper and Wildcat (re-appearing from the Golden Age of comics), in blazing battle action! Somewhere along the line, the powers-that-were decided to spotlight the Batman/Deadman reprint (drawn by Neal Adams, no less), possibly feeling that the main original tale wasn't enough of a draw! Can you imagine, frantic one? Click to enlarge!

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Captain Blog said...

Thanks for posting this, Al!
I have been trying to complete my post-Golden Age appearances of the Jsa (solo and as a team) an have noticed that this book gets overlooked on almost every list!
Great non-reprint story with the main villain from Creepers' own Ditko-drawn mag.
Super way to promote this overlooked gem!!

(ps. Hope to see ya at HeroesCon!)