Friday, October 15, 2010

1977 AQUAMAN Original Cover Art! Jim Aparo! DC Comics!

Here we see a rare sample of original Jim Aparo art, from the cover to 1977's ADVENTURE COMICS #451! Jim was known then primarily as a Batman artist (on the team-up BRAVE AND THE BOLD title), and it was a mighty treat to see him stretch his talents on this underrated Aquaman strip! The series must have garnered SOME level of attention, as it lead to Aquaman getting his own book again, albeit short-lived! Click below to enlarge and enjoy!


James said...

Back in the early '80's. I was fortunate enough to have Jim critique some artwork of mine, given to him by a mutual friend. He not only took the time to make suggestions and offer praise, but, when I summoned the courage to call the telephone number he left with me, he spent over an hour with me on the phone. I will always treasure that mermory. He was a gentleman in addition to being a consummate artist!

Andrew Wahl said...


I've really grown fond of Aparo's work in recent years. He was a take-it-or-leave-it sort of artist for me as a kid, but I've really come to appreciate his fluidity and spot blacks. He's a hell of an artist.


aquaman said...

I am the owner of this art! It is one of my all time grails!

James Robert Smith said...

I always liked Aparo's work. It's good to see that he is becoming more and more appreciated by comic art fans as the years go by.

James said...

The man was certainly talented but for me he's always been DC's version of Sal Buscema. Serviceable, but not an artist I would ever follow from title to title.

Al Bigley said...


You have to look up his early 70s DC work, especially on BRAVE AND THE BOLD.

Best Bat-work of the period this side of Neal Adams.

Heck, some of the best Bat-work. Period.

Al Bigley