Saturday, October 16, 2010

1972 X-MEN Original Cover Art! George Tuska! Cyclops! Marvel Comics!

Here is a rare example of George Tuska art used on a Marvel cover from the early 70s! This exciting artwork from X-MEN #77 features all the original X-heroes in combat with Avengers foe, the Super-Adaptoid! This period was an overlooked one for the X-MEN comic, as the (then) poor-selling series was relegated to reprints of earlier adventures, until the arrival of the "new" X-men (Wolverine, etc...) in 1975, and renewed success fairly quickly thereafter! With inks by Vince Colletta, this is still a winning cover image, representing mighty Marvel marching into it's "Phase Two" 70s era! Click to enlarge!


Pete Wurst said...

I like Colletta's inks for this cover and generally over Tuska's breakdowns.

Anonymous said...

Hi Al,

Thanks for liking the X-Men post on my FB page. I googled X-men #77 and this is one of the places I got to visit :-). Nice :-).

Abe Hoekstra