Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Sexist BATMAN? "Holy Double Standard!" 1959 DC Comics! Batwoman! Robin!

Dig this great page from BATMAN #122, published in 1959 by DC Comics! The great Batman is challenged by romantic interest, the Batwoman! Can you guess his answer to the competition she offers as another Bat-themed crime-fighter? Bat-cad wants her to stay at home and play housewife, while he does the heavy lifting out in the "work force!" Plus-why is it that Batman is only worried about HIS secret identity being jeopardized? What about Kathy's (and her well-being) if Batman gets unmasked in the future, and the Bat-beans are spilt? Ah, the so-called "Golden Age of comics..." All is not doom and gloom in this MAD MEN era, tho. This turns out to be one of DC's famous "Imaginary Stories," so...Click to enlarge, and dig that dated DC dialog!

BAT-BONUS! Click here to see "sexist Batman" strike again!

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James Robert Smith said...

Batman has no time for silly women!