Monday, September 20, 2010

Post Office From the Past! Prophetic Letters From 1968 X-MEN Comics! Marvel Comics!

Take a little peek at these two mighty missives to the X-MEN letter pages from '68! Both talk about subjects that would come to reality very soon in modern comic books! The promise of any character's death in comics being "permanent" is discussed, and any reader knows how NO such dire demises ever stuck in the world of superhero comics! Not Professor X, not Gwen Stacy, not even sweet Bucky Barnes! The next letter (below right) discusses the vague possibility of a NEW X-Men-centered comic (truly doubtful in '68, as the low-selling book was THIS close to cancellation)! Certainly, Marvel would never really give thought to a NEW MUTANTS comic title, would they? Not until 1983. Click all images to enlarge!

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