Thursday, September 23, 2010

Hear the Rare 1967 Tifton Records WONDER WOMAN 45 Single! DC Comics!

That's right! Another gem from the long-lost past rescued! Here (and hear) is the famed 1967 WONDER WOMAN SONG, as it appeared on the heralded SONGS AND STORIES OF THE JUSTICE LEAGUE LP and separate WW single! Not exactly a spry rocker like the later mid-70s WONDER WOMAN TV theme, but an interesting artifact nonetheless! The later 1975 pressing of the JLA LP by Power Records eliminated this track, so it can only be heard on this '67 disk--until now, that is! Also dig that fab cover art by Murphy Anderson, who also helmed the other Batman, Superman, and related LP and 45 single art duties from this superhero-studded line! Click to enlarge images and to hear this little Silver Age ditty!

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