Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The Coming of SPECTACULAR SPIDER-MAN:The Magazine! 1968 Marvel!

Stan Lee, tho always proud to publish attention-getting, ground-breaking comics, always wanted to go to parties and exclaim that he published magazines. One of his early attempts was to spin uber-popular Spider-Man off into his own magazine-sized publication in '68, THE SPECTACULAR SPIDER-MAN! Doomed from the start, due to poor distribution, misunderstandings as to proper retailer display, and other nagging hobgoblins, this stellar mag has since become a real collector's item (tho the only two issues produced have been reprinted over the years in various venues)! Marvel would, of course, meet with great success in the 70s with their line of magazines, headed by the CONAN books,but in the late 60s, they just couldn't' make it go! Click below to view some of the ads and hype of the day, and feel some very real excitement at the coming of this new and different superhero presentation! Click here to read and see more about this exciting merry Marvel mag!

BONUS! Click below to see what appears to be the original color comp (or color guide for the b/w comic ads) for the unforgettable front of SPEC SPIDER-MAN #1...! 

BONUS BONUS! Cast your orbs below, to view the rear of the above color piece, where artist Johnny Romita takes an inventory of his available original art (and the pages that were in the hands of dealers)!

Thanks to collector Marvin Hoover for kindly supplying
the above two super-rare awesome art artifacts!

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