Thursday, September 2, 2010

1977 RAMPAGING HULK Magazine Ad! Walt Simonson! Marvel Comics!

Marvel tried a bold new move in 1977, with the debut of it's RAMPAGING HULK black-and-white magazine title. The comics firm had experienced success with it's CONAN and horror b/w mags, but to launch a well-known superhero from it's color (a b/w book about a famously GREEN character?!) line in a non-color bi-monthly? Risky and smart, as it brought over new fans from the color comics to the more adult-oriented magazine group! Artist Walt Simonson, still somewhat new and green (heh) in comics, did a great deal of beautiful interior art for the magazine, but also some bold advertisement art and pin-ups as well! Directly below are two of his greatest HULK images,and, below that, the terrific Ken Barr painted cover from RAMPAGING HULK #1! Click images to enlarge!

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