Thursday, September 16, 2010

1968 Comic Book Batmobile! Irv Novick vs George Barris! The Winner? DC Comics!

The BATMAN comics of the late 60s featured a unique version of the Batmobile, one that took it's design hints from the 1966 custom car from the BATMAN TV show, as designed by customizer George Barris. Wanting a car like that, but possibly also wanting to avoid any lawsuits, DC Comics had Bat-artists like Irv Novick create a unique amalgam Batmobile, incorporating many features of the TV version, but striking far enough away to avoid confusion. I always dug this Batmobile, and even though it looked as if the dawn of the 70s meant we had seen the last of it, it has a way of zooming back into the scene! In the 90s and right up to now, the car has seen new life as a model kit, die-cast car, and a high-end collectible piece! Click below to enlarge all images!
Note the front "Bat-head" look of the grill and headlights, the duo "bubble window" motif, and the overall design, all inspired by the George Barris TV Batmobile version!

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