Friday, August 27, 2010

Zatanna's Greatest Blunder! JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA Costume Cut-Up! DC Comics!

All comics fans know the DC Comics character Zatanna. She's a magician/superhero who uses her magical powers (and gimmick of speaking her enchantments backwards) for fighting evil forces, but also drives male fans wild with her classic tux-and-fishnets combo outfit (below left)! Still classy and classic after all these years, the producers of the TV show SMALLVILLE translated her to the small screen, classic costume intact! Who would ever mess with such a famous and well-known uniform? DC Comics! In 1980, DC debuted THIS disaster (images below center and right), eliminating the magical wardrobe for a standard spandex treatment, oversized cape, elf booties, and worst of all, a long, constantly twitching ponytail! What? Thankfully, this look didn't last long, altho another stab at giving her a standard super-suit came next. Thank heavens. All the men of comicdom can resume their (heavy) breathing again! Kcilc lla segami ot egralne!


Jay Amabile said...

oh man...the '80s were responsible for such gems in comics. At least she looked hotter this way than Magpie.

Anonymous said...

That's actually from 1978.