Thursday, August 26, 2010

Gil Kane vs Albert Bigley! FANTASTIC FOUR 145! "Field Monster?!" 1976 Original Comic Art!

In the mid-70s, I had no access to any comic stores or specialty shops, but here WAS one used book store in my small southern town, Circle Books/Book Inn, that stocked old comics. By "old," I mean anything over 2 years of age! Any leftover money I had, after buying that week's newest DC and Marvel comics, went to the careful selection and purchase of a "vintage" back issue at the book store. One such purchase was FANTASTIC FOUR # 145, then a whopping 3 years old! I loved being able to own and study older comics and their artwork, and this ish was no exception. Who knew the Inhuman Medusa filled in for Sue Storm in the FF? That long-time SPIDER-MAN penciller Ross Andru drew a few issues? That Gil Kane created some FF covers? Wow. Anyway, below left is my attempt in '76, at age 11, to whomp up my OWN fabulous version of this cover scene, using found background images from magazines (probably WOMAN'S DAY. Thanks, mom!). Heh. You use what you have, so the Torch and Stretcho are now fighting a villainous "field monster." Hoo boy. Click to enlarge images!

Wondering what caused me to use the "found images" technique? Some DC and Marvel comics used the effect (to a much better degree of success) on their covers, such as SUB-MARINER # 7, from 1968 (below)!

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Kane wins by a (blue) hair.