Saturday, August 7, 2010

1980 SUPERHEROES UK Painted Art! Superman! Batman! Zod! DC Comics!

Take a look at these early 80s issues of the UK DC reprint mag, THE SUPERHEROES! Each issue sported a fabulous painted cover (some by fan fave Alan Craddock), spotlighting the famous comics characters! The insides were nothing to sneeze at, either, with high-quality reprints of Silver and Bronze Age tales by Neal Adams, Curt Swan, and other comic art greats, plus unique puzzle pages and coming attraction blurbs and ads! I had many of these in the 80s thanks to Bud Plant, and they still pop up on eBay and such these days. Worth the time of any serious fan or collector! Click all to enlarge!


Staz Johnson said...

I remember this magazine too. The Superman,Batman & WonderWoman cover art is by non other than Garry (Marvelman) Leach, nice to see these again after all these years.

Al Bigley said...


Thanks for that tip!

Al Bigley