Friday, August 20, 2010

1973 SPIDER-MAN Original Art! Albert Bigley! Marvel Comics!? Bronze Age Love!

Still learning to draw ol' Spidey at age 8! Here is one such drawing, from 1973, of the Web-Slinger in action! I was consuming a steady diet of his Marvel Comics adventures, both new and reprints, as well as afternoon re-runs of his famous 1967 cartoon series ("Spider-man, Spider-man/Does Whatever a Spider Can!"), so I was always eager to sketch him and his intricate costume details! Over-large head! Shrunken body! Odd feet!  But a fun and silly child's drawing for all to enjoy! And, is my signature noticeable enough? Click to enlarge!

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Affectionut said...

Thanks! Now I have the Spidey Theme song stuck in my head!