Saturday, August 21, 2010

1972 John Romita Sr. Spider-Man CREEM Magazine Cover Art! Marvel Comics!

Wow! A rare gem from the fabled past! Here is the cover to CREEM Magazine, from 1972, spotlighting SPIDER-MAN, and his debuting story/song LP, The ROCKOMIC! Drawn by Spidey's main artist mainstay, John Romita Sr., this is Spidey in his 70s prime, still appealing to the college-age-and-over crowd! Click images to enlarge!


Larry Dempsey said...

I still have my copy of the Spider-Man Rockomic record. It is one of my most prized possessions. Love that BIG Romita art. Thanks for the memories, Al.

david_b said...

Much like the Space:1999 Year 1Orchestra soundtrack a couple of years later, the Rockomic I bought was the ONLY one I ever saw in stores ever!!

I still have it pristine condition, although I know I played the buggers out of the vinyl back in the day. It's easily downloadable at Amazon, and I play it on my iPod. Dated music, but still fun to listen to.

david_b said...

I HAVE to pick up that Creem magazine, too..!

david_b said...

Finally picked up the Creem mag, it's pretty awesome.