Wednesday, August 25, 2010

1940s Golden Age SUPERMAN Painting Mystery! DC Comics!

Most fans have seen this color image of Superman, a gorgeous painting by pulp artist H.J. Ward, on the cover of the mid-70s SUPERMAN LIMITED COLLECTOR'S tabloid from DC Comics. It was painted in the Golden Age of the 40s, and hung for years in the offices of DC Comics. But, take a peek at the pic below left, and you'll see said painting, but with major differences to the face, hair and chest symbol! Was the art re-touched in later years to reflect Superman's evolving look (especially his highy-licensed chest logo)? A real mystery! What do YOU think? Want to read about ANOTHER mystery involving this little work of art? Click here! Click all images to enlarge!

Above: A rare glimpse at the little-used point-of-purchase displays that DC used
to sell their 2-at-a-time tabloid comics (such as the above SUPERMAN tome)!
These were spotted in department stores in the mid-70s!

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Al Bigley said...

Also, if later revisions to the painting were done, then by whom? Ward? A different artist?

Surprised the chest logo wasn't updated AGAIN for the '74 tabloid reprinting on that cover!

Al Bigley