Friday, July 23, 2010

SUB-MARINER #69 Original 1973 Cover Art! John Romita Sr.! Spider-Man Strikes!

Are ya getting the  impression that I really like John Romita's artwork? I do! And why not? The impeccable anatomy, staging, composition, inking, it all adds up to some of the most exciting comic art this side of Jack "King" Kirby! Take a peek at this famous 1973 SUB-MARINER cover! Not only does JRSR debut Subby's new pollution-filtering costume (in response to ecological concerns of the day), but also gives us a shot of his most famous subject: Spider-Man! Who could resist? Some fans unfairly call this fairly short-lived Subby costume his "disco suit," but I always sorta dug it. In fact, click here for a very personal take on the debut of Subby's new water-logged togs!  Click to enlarge!

BONUS! Click below to stare at Romita's 1973 Sub-Mariner costume design roughs!

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