Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Secret Origins of Marvel Marx Figures? Iron Man! Spider-Man! Hulk! Marvelmania!

I saw this old 1963 Marvel Comics ad the other day, and got to thinking about how the Spider-Man and Thor poses resembled the famous Marx Toys plastic figures that saw the light of day later in the decade! I then began a search for the possible comic art inspirations for the other 4 figures in the collection! What do you think? Am I close? Click below to enlarge images!

Above: The same figures, but dusted off and pre-painted for
1977 sales! Thanks to the Plaid Stallions site for the pic!


Larry Dempsey said...

I had the Spider-Man and Iron Man figures from that set. I miss them, and I wish I still had them. :(

Thanks for the memories, Al.

Larry Dempsey said...

Wait! I had the Hulk figure, too. Damn. Now I miss them even more.

Al Bigley said...

In the mid-70s ('74 of so), I tried to get them in the "appropriate" colors. Hulk in green, DD in red, etc...

Recall around 1977, when they were re-released with those bad enamel paint jobs?