Saturday, July 31, 2010

Awkward Moments in the JUSTICE LEAGUE! The Batman/Black Canary Love Nest?! DC Comics!

Here is one of the most famous (and awkward) scenes in Bronze Age comics! In the early 70s, DC writer Robert Kanigher (best known for his long stints on DC war comics), decided the staid and moral Justice League members needed some Marvel Comics-like characterization. The answer? in JUSTICE LEAGUE #84, Batman and Black Canary reveal their hidden feelings one evening during JLA satellite "monitor duty!" With almost no pre-existing sub plot set-up or foreshadowing (Marvel woulda had the silently suffering lovelorn heroes take three years to lead up to this moment), the two crime-fighters find themselves in an ill-advised sudden clinch, complete with soap opera dialogue! What--? Good thing future BC love interest Green Arrow would soon be coming along, knocking Batman out of the romantic running and making for a much more interesting relationship! Click to enlarge!

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Sharon said...

Actually a few months earlier in Brave and The Bold #81, Black Canary accused Bats of "liking" her, and he thought "She's right...I do like her!" Not that there was much continuity among the DC mags at the time (and in particular, Brave and the Bold tales seemed to exist in their own insular reality). Great blog BTW!