Wednesday, July 21, 2010

1966 Aurora Marvel Comics Model Kits Ad! Spider-Man! Hulk! Cap!

Take a gander at this 1966 ad (below left)for the then-new Aurora model kits hitting store shelves! As featured on the back of '66 comic books, you get to see some great custom Spider-Man art (by John Romita Sr.?), NOT used on the final product (below right), and never seen again! Same with the images of Captain America and Hulk, who will also enjoy new interpretations from these generic ad poses when the final kits are revealed..ODD FACT: DC Comics mainstay Neal Adams drew the box art for the final released model kit as seen below right! Click here to read about the 1974 re-release of the Spidey kit! Click images below to enlarge!

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Al Bigley said...

That Spidey art sorta looks like Wally Wood's work! He may have been still at Marvel in '65 or '66 to do this, or at an ad agency, such as Neal Adams when he got the job for the final box art on those first releases...
Wood was also doing the art for those Topps wacky comics around the same time...HHmmmm..

Al Bigley