Saturday, June 26, 2010

AVENGERS No-Prize Time! When Captain America Throws His Not-So-Mighty Shield! Marvel Comics!

Here now, direct from 1967's AVENGERS # 35, is quite the Silver Age goof! Trapped by the sinister baddie, the Living Laser, Captain America tries to save himself and his partner by using his normally indestructible, always reliable, shield! What happens? It's instantly destroyed in the shower of lasers! Horrors! But, don't despair, frantic one, since said shield magically returns, only pages later, sans explanation! Wow! Stan Lee musta been writing this tale in double-time for an error of this majestic magnitude! Click images to enlarge, no-prize winner! Also, click here for previous no-prize installments!


Booksteve said...

Excuse infinitum!

Al Bigley said...

Not even a Stan Lee hastily inserted caption of "Good thing that was my REPLACEMENT shield Tony Stark gave me" or such!