Monday, May 17, 2010

Wow! ZAZZLE Again Offers Classic Marvel T-Shirts! Romita! Buscema! Tuska! Kane!

What's that, frantic one? Ya say you're down because the only Marvel apparel you can find features today's ubiquitous over-rendered, darkly-colored ugly designs? You say that when ya DO find "classic" Marvel art on a shirt, it's made to look "distressed," and "ironic?" Well, chin up, true believer, 'cause the folks at Zazzle have come to the rescue! Just log on to their site, and search the mighty Marvel hero of your choice, and rejoice! Great classic art by all the greats: Romita Sr., Kane, Robbins, Tuska, Steranko, Kirby, and others, all available not only on sensational shirts, but mugs, glasses, and much more! So, rush on over and support the good stuff, armadillo!

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