Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Let's Rap With Cap! Rev Up With Reb! 1979 CBS-TV Live-Action CAPTAIN AMERICA Movies!

Yeah. Those of us fans of a certain (ahem!) age recall the late-70s explosion of live-action Marvel Superheroes on CBS-TV. Part of one package (offered in the wake of the mega-success of STAR WARS), the TV screen was treated to live-action movies starring Spider-Man, Captain America, and Doctor Strange. The real winner out of this pack was, of course, THE INCREDIBLE HULK, with well-received films and acclaimed follow-up series. The shows that really fell thru the cracks were the two CAP films, starring Reb Brown. Sure, they were not very good (the producers swaying too close to the SIX MILLION DOLLAR MAN formula), but they DID have some entertainment value. Click below to enlarge these images from a well-drawn TV GUIDE ad (below left), and Reb getting ready for his take as Cap (below right).

Above: A french CAP poster for a re-release of the second TV film, and the Jack Kirby-drawn cover (above right) that inspired it! Also: Reb Brown today, meeting some young fans!

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