Monday, May 3, 2010

CAPTAIN AMERICA 194 Original 1975 Jack Kirby Cover Art! Marvel Comics!

Alright, you lucky followers, this week kicks off a series of original art posts from the glory days of Marvel and DC Comics! Let's begin with this classic Jack Kirby CAPTAIN AMERICA cover from '75! Jack had just returned to his (and Joe Simon's) 1940s creation (after leaving Marvel in 1970 for a DC stint), now drawing (and writing) the interiors, but also providing exciting covers, too! Click below to enlarge this spectacular cover from early in his 2nd CAP run!


Larry Dempsey said...

I loved Jack's Marvel work in the `70's: Cap, THE ETERNALS, 2001, BLACK PANTHER, etc. (especially with that luscious Royer inking & lettering). Jack was, and always shall be, the greatest comic book artist of all time.

Al Bigley said...

I agree. Now.

As a 10-year old then, I was angry that this Kirby guy interrupted the long run by the "good artist," Sal Buscema! Angry!

Al Bigley