Friday, May 21, 2010

CAPTAIN AMERICA 125 Alternative Cover! 1970 Marie Severin Art! Marvel Comics!

Wow! Dig this alternate, unused cover for 1970's CAPTAIN AMERICA # 125! At that time, "Mirthful" Marie Severin was doing tons of cover roughs for the Marvel line, and also completing many finished art jobs, too, and here is one penciled and inked cover illo that never ran at all! Was it deemed offensive, regarding the Viet Nam aggressors depicted? Did it give away the identities of said aggressors, in a way the published cover did not? YOU decide, as you click to enlarge the images!


Steven Thompson said...

The one that was used was never a favorite of mine but I DO like the unused one.

I'm guessing the problem was that things were so politically charged with regard to the War, they didn't think it would sell right out front on the cover.

andyh40 said...

The unused cover is fantastic, but I agree why it wasn't used!