Saturday, April 3, 2010

John Romita Sr. 1968 SPECTACULAR SPIDER-MAN Cover Art Painting! Green Goblin!

Below, left, is the staggeringly beautiful original cover art to the 1968 release of SPECTACULAR SPIDER-MAN 2! This rare magazine (only lasting 2 issues) was an attempt to bring Spidey to the magazine racks, but was doomed to fall to the effects of poor distribution and a high cover price, a heavy 35 cents (at a time that regular comics cost 12 cents)! Look further below for how this incredible John Romita sr. image was recycled over the following years! Click to enlarge! Thanks to Mike Burkey for many of these images! 


david_b said...

This cover holds the BEST memory of my childhood for comics..! I didn't have the original '68 issue, but LOVED the '73 reprint and, after a HARD decision between that and the FF (Reed/Sue Wedding) reprint that same summer, I chose Spidey. About a month later, my grandmother tossed out the comic by accident, which depressed me.

Thirty yrs later I finally bought the '68 comic in fair condition, then bought it again in NM condition. The BEST Goblin Story EVER inside (next to #122), it still remains one of my favorite comics ever. EXCELLENT COVER, even the '73 reprint cover was stunning.

Al Bigley said...

Yep! I first had that '73 reprint, unaware that several pages and panels had been cut from the '68 original! Didn't matter. Prime Stan Lee and John Romita!

I agree. The best Goblin tale ever.

And those scenes of Norman putting the squeeze on Peter at that dinner meeting...Chills...That final battle...That cover..