Saturday, April 17, 2010

INCREDIBLE HULK! 1974 Aurora COMIC SCENES Booklet! Herb Trimpe Art! Marvel!

Here we go with the 1974 INCREDIBLE HULK "ComicScenes" kit booklet, as drawn by Marvel Comics mainstay, "Happy" Herb Trimpe! These little 6-page epics could really sum up not only the characters and their environs, but the supporting casts, villains, motivations, and all that made them so attractive in the 70s! Click to enlarge each pulse-pounding page, frantic one!

Above left: the original 1974 HULK Aurora model kit box (signed by Trimpe)! Above Right: The original kit package, as it first appeared in 1966!

Above: The assembled HULK Aurora kit! See more here!

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