Friday, March 12, 2010

Monkees! Catchin' Up With Peter Tork! In 1977! 16 Magazine Strikes Again!

Get hip with this 1977 article on former Monkee and then-sorta-recluse Peter Tork! Back in the 70s, in the days before 94 channels of "entertainment reporting," a fan could go years without knowing the whereabouts and doings of past superstars, and this article was one of a handful of spots about Peter as he came out of "hiding" then! As a young fan, I was shocked at Peter's "aged" (at a wizened 35) bearded look, compared to his forever young face as seen on daily afternoon MONKES reruns! Only a scant 9 years to go before fame would reclaim him as part of the wildly successful Monkees 20th Anniversary Tour in '86... Click to enlarge!

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