Wednesday, March 24, 2010

John Romita Sr. "Thor Girls" Original Art! Marvel Comics!

Direct from 1989's THOR #400, here is a rare John Romita, Sr. masterpiece! Spotlighting the many gals from the Thunder God's comic, John (inking Ron Frenz's pencils) depicts long-suffering Jane Foster, Sif, Hela, and even the evil Enchantress! Impeccable work! Stamp your hammer-er-click to enlarge!


Robert Pope said...

There oughtta be a law against that Enchantress drawing; I'm tryin' to WORK here! Seriously, that is some wonderful Romita there...!

Anonymous said...

Hey Al,
The "Thor Girls" piece was a pin-up for Thor#400 and was penciled by Ron Frenz.(Tho' most of the shots are Kirby lifts.) Mr.Romita graciously agreed to ink(and improve)the piece.

Al Bigley said...

Thanks for that!

The post has been updated thusly!


Al Bigley