Friday, March 19, 2010

All Hail Sal Buscema! You Heard Me.

Quick! Tell me what artist created the color portrait below!

Give up? It's by Sal Buscema.
Many comic fans think that the artist who draws in a "cartoony" style has it easy. That THAT style is the way to go for speed. Not so. Any artist known for his detailed realistic work (just ask Neal Adams about this), HAD to learn to draw the basics. You can't draw ARCHIE (like Neal did once) and do the kind of work Sal did UNTIL you've learned the figure up and down, as well as realistic rendering. No hiding behind "technique" when drawing like Sal did.

A new (and very well done) book is available now, detailing the art and career of long-time comic book artist, Sal Buscema. And he deserves it. Sal got a reputation for being somewhat sloppy, or too fast with his work, but those fans who've pegged him as such forget that once upon a time, meeting deadlines mattered in comics. Sal was a professional who took such matters seriously. I think some readers also took him for granted, as his art became so ubiquitous among the line of books.
Buy the Sal book. Go here. Read about an artist.

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Jon K said...

Sal has always been one of my favorite comic book artists, and he well deserves the honor of having a book published about him!