Wednesday, March 10, 2010

1975 BATMAN Poster! Carmine Infantino! Silver Age Goodness!

I got this poster in 1975, from a department store in Jersey, that had their posters displayed hanging over portions of the record (remember THEM?) section! I loved the great Carmine Infantino Silver Age graphics (from the mid-60s BATMAN TV show craze days), and it now hangs in my art studio! This is one huge (around 3 by 4 feet) poster! Click to enlarge!


CM said...

I have this poster... it hung in my bedroom for years when I was a kid - I kept it and just recently did a restoration on it - will soon be hung up in my office! - It was always one of my favorite Batman/Infantino images! :)

Anonymous said...

Murphy Anderson handled the inks of this great poster that was included in a 6 poster set that was offered in 1966 in comic books. The background sky was originally colored red.

Vardenafil said...

Even thought this poster is so old, I have to say I would like to get one, by the simply reason it's more than a poster, it's a classic!