Monday, March 29, 2010

1974 John Romita Sr. Original Comic Art! SPIDEY SUPER STORIES 3! Marvel!

One reason (the ONLY reason, to be truthful) I was buying SPIDEY SUPER STORIES as a way-too-old fan (I was NINE, for cryin' out loud!), was the incredible covers by John Romita Sr.! Still the main cover artist (and occasional interior artist) on the main AMAZING SPIDER-MAN comic, John did no lesser quality work for this sister mag, made for very young and new readers, hand-in-hand with PBS TV's ELECTRIC COMPANY. John also illustrated some very interesting back covers for this title, too! And, yes, that's Morgan Freeman as "Easy Reader." Click to enlarge, Spidey fans!

BONUS! Guess which cover I'm drawing in the '74 pic below (that's also the blog header image)!


Robert Pope said...

I was EXACTLY the same- WAY too old to be reading SSS, but those Romita covers were just too groovy to pass up!

Al Bigley said...

Yeah, they also made SSS seem " legit," ya know? As if they WERE part of the Spidey firmament you HAD to buy!

Back when Spider-Man had 4 monthly titles, including a reprint and SSS, and we thought we were being gouged! :)