Tuesday, March 2, 2010

1966 MIGHTY THOR Original Cover Art! Jack Kirby! Marvel Comics!

Click below to enlarge this terrific original cover art to THOR 132! Drawn by Jack Kirby and inked by the controversial Vince Colletta, this is one of the most iconic Silver Age covers you'll find! A gem from the Marvel Age of Comics!


IN NY said...

Nothing like Kirby and Colletta Thor, is there? Some folks can wish that Thor was inked by a Sinnott or Everett but not me. Thor, to my taste, is as close to the Hal Foster Prince Valiant's you will find and that's because of Vincent Colletta, the inker.

Beautiful example shown. You can see plenty of the detailed pen work Colletta was known for but also some really slick brush-work like on the foreground figure.

A classic cover.

Al Bigley said...

I have to agree! Vinnie could be excellent when not rushed!