Thursday, February 25, 2010

The Strange Silver Age Silly Powers of Sub-Mariner! Subby! Marvel Comics!

 Click to enlarge the panels below to marvel (heh) at the oddball powers of the Sub-Mariner! From this 1963 issue of STRANGE TALES 107, this early Silver Age depiction of Subby has him engaging in such silly business as puffing himself up like a puffer-fish (and deflating), using his "electric eel" powers, and more!

But, he's not the only superhero who's on the hook (sorry) and in hot water (I'll stop)! Take a look at some of these early (and forgotten) powers used by Subby's opponent, the Human Torch! Looks as if he can keep aflame underwater (and talk), burn so intensely that he can burrow long underground tunnels (where is the air he needs to breathe--and live?), make "flame scissors (oh, come on!)," make "flame donuts," and find time to spot petty crooks while working in thrift stores! AND he's an expert on portraits of Abe Lincoln!! What a kid! These early tales where written by Stan Lee and his brother, Larry Lieber, so there's no blaming "R. Burns" this time!

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