Saturday, February 20, 2010

Rare 1972 Spider-Man ROCKOMIC Store Display! John Romita Sr.!

Dig this great 1972 in-store display (right) for the release of the great SPIDER-MAN-ROCKOMIC LP! This groovy album got such a push, with posters, displays, press kits (below left), and so much more, no young Spider-Man fan could ignore it! I got this baby signed by the ROCKOMIC artist himself, John Romita Sr., at a mid-90s convention! Click to enlarge images!

BONUS! Click below to hear the ultra-funky, super-catchy THEME FOR SPIDER-MAN from the ROCKOMIC, and start yer groovin'!


david_b said...

I loved this album since I first bought it. I NEVER saw another copy in any store. It was awesome..

Al Bigley said...

This LP introduced me to Spider-Man! The stories, the art, etc...Never been topped by any other production!