Friday, February 19, 2010

Paul McCartney- A Marvel Comics Fan?! Say FOOM! Beatles vs Magneto!

Below is a segment from a 1977 FOOM magazine, spotlighting Paul McCartney and Wings, and their 70s song MAGNETO AND THE TITANIUM MAN!  During concerts, Paul would perform the song, with then-wife Linda, and flash Marvel images on screens behind the band! Another way Marvel was taking over the world in the 70s! 

Paul was a lightweight Marvel Comics fan then, and even once met famed comics artist Jack "King" Kirby! Jack presented to a delighted Paul, thanks to his kids being WINGS fans, some custom artwork backstage after a concert! See those pics below! Click images to enlarge!


Al Bigley said...

Note also, in that FOOM article, how the famous KISS comic is teased. This is the comic project that involved using the actual blood from KISS members in the printing ink!

Only in the 70s.


Robert said...

Great find. What issue of FOOM is that from, Al?